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Generally, GABA Telepsychiatry is a unique practice, where the online psychiatrist offers the closest possible approximation to traditional psychiatric services in a telepsychiatry format.

Why should you consider a psychiatrist online?

  • Our online psychiatrist sends prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically on the day of the visit.
  • Confidential sensitive mental health evaluations can be conducted online
  • Also longer visits if needed means more time is taken to ensure that psychiatric medications are prescribed with care.
  • Similarly, biopsychosocial factors are considered to provide an integrative approach and therefore an optimum treatment model.
  • In addition, the online psychiatrist is Board Certified, licensed, insured, and follows the same practice models and standards of care as if seeing a patient in the office.
  • Likewise, hormones, nutrition, and psychodynamic factors are considered.
  • Moreover, notes are stored on secure HIPAA-compliant electronic health records.

So, the emphasis is placed on listening to the patient in order to best address their symptoms and concerns. Moreover, empathy, understanding, communication, and collaboration between psychiatrists and patients are essential for good treatment outcomes.

Seeing an urgent online psychiatrist is effective and easy

“Telepsychiatry allows you to see the online psychiatrist of your choice irrespective of location”

How to find the best online psychiatrist?

The best online psychiatrist for you is the psychiatrist whom you are most comfortable with, and who delivers quality care. Ultimately the best online psychiatrists will follow the same standards of care, as if they are seeing patients in the office. Whether seeing a patient in person or online, a strong therapeutic rapport between the doctor and the patient is important for effective treatment. It is also important that the psychiatrist collaborates with the patient and helps the patient on their journey towards symptomatic relief and healing.

Online Psychiatrist Services


Medication is sent electronically to your pharmacy and can be picked up the same day.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Family & Relationship Therapy

Forensic expert

Online and in-person forensic psychiatry services are offered in the United States & Canada.

With ten years of expertise in forensic psychiatry and fifteen years in clinical psychiatry, Dr. Gundu Reddy is a board-certified online psychiatrist.
Dr Gundu Reddy - Emergency / Online Psychiatrist
Medical School

-The United Medical Dental Schools of Guys Kings and St Thomas’ at King’s College London.

Psychiatry Residency Training

-Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training

-NYU Psychoanalytic Institute

Board Certification
-American Board of Psychiatry Neurology
Contact Board Certified Online Psychiatrist MBBS (MD) Now!

Dr. Gundu Reddy is a board-certified emergency psychiatrist who has worked in clinical psychiatry for fifteen years and forensic psychiatry for 10 years. She also has training in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and medication management.

Dr. Reddy has a strong interest in integrative psychiatry and thinks that many aspects, such as ambient and dynamic factors, medical disease, nutrition and hormones, and genetic and developmental factors, should be taken into account when diagnosing and treating a patient.

Many individuals receive substandard care due to incomplete evaluation, and an integrative approach is needed to provide optimum clinical improvement. In addition, Dr. Reddy believes the decision to take psychiatric medication should not be taken lightly and psychiatric medication should be prescribed with the utmost care. However, the goal of medication management is to achieve maximum efficacy with minimum side effects where gentle titration is required. 

Dr. Reddy believes that in most cases psychiatric illness is treatable, and most people can achieve significant improvement in symptoms, as well as social and occupational functioning, with high-quality and consistent care. However, her goal is to provide the best possible treatment to patients in a telepsychiatry or online psychiatry setting and achieve the same standards of care as if seeing the patient in person. 

In addition, please schedule online or call 18333124222 if you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reddy, the online psychiatrist.

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Clinical Services: New York, New jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, California, Florida

Forensic Psychiatry Services All of US and Canada, Online Psychiatrist, Emergency Psychiatrist

Forensic Psychiatry Services: All of the US and Canada

Can an online psychiatrist send prescriptions?

Yes, An online psychiatrist can prescribe medications via electronic prescribing, as long as it is clinically appropriate

Can an online psychiatrist prescribe controlled substances?

During the COVID-19 crisis, an emergency order was issued stating that psychiatrists could prescribe controlled substances online. However, the rules are different from state to state and a psychiatrist must comply with state and federal guidelines. 

The urgent psychiatrist can prescribe most medications, but certain regulations must be followed when prescribing controlled substances, such as stimulants, and certain anxiety or insomnia medications. However, every state has specific requirements for prescribing controlled substances online and the urgent psychiatrist must follow state guidelines.

Typically to prescribe controlled substances:

-The psychiatrist must perform thorough psychiatric evaluations
-The psychiatrist must document why it is medically necessary to prescribe a controlled substance and why the benefits outweigh the risks.
-The urgent psychiatrist must follow the same standards of care as if seeing the patient in the office.

Additionally, if your state does not allow the prescription of controlled substances by an online psychiatrist a consult can be sent to your PCP. However, most PCPs are comfortable prescribing controlled substances providing there is a consultation with a psychiatrist, documenting the risks versus the benefits, and clinical appropriateness.

However, there are occasions where your psychiatrist may not find it appropriate to prescribe a controlled substance online, and may recommend that you see a psychiatrist in person, or would benefit from alternative treatments.

Quality Psychiatrist Care

Authenticity &

Board Certified Psychiatrists
follows APA Guidelines and best
standards of patient care

Longer Patient

Longer visits with a commitment
to heal and provide the best
possible patient care.

An Integrative

Considers genetics,
medical, hormonal, nutritional,
dynamic & environmental factors.

Why would I see an online psychiatrist?

However, the advantage of seeing a psychiatrist online is that you can see the urgent psychiatrist of your choice and are not restricted by location. Additionally, seeing a psychiatrist online means you do not have to travel and need not have to take time off work.

Online Psychiatrist Services

Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric Evaluation

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Medication Management

Medication Management

Forensic Services

Forensic Services

Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy

"Gaba Telepsychiatry offers an integrative approach to psychiatric evaluation during your consultation with the online psychiatrist "


Nutritional Evaluation



Genetic Testing


Endocrine /

Endocrine / Hormone


Medical Causes of psychiatric illness

Medical Causes of psychiatric illness

An integrative approach to psychiatric care by a psychiatrist leads to better clinical outcomes!

Many factors can affect psychiatric illness such as: genetic, developmental, trauma, nutritional factors, hormones, career difficulties, relationship difficulties, coping skills, concurrent medical illness, head injury, side effects of medications, and many others.

Whether seeing a patient in the office or via telepsychiatry, the urgent psychiatrist must consider all of these factors to provide optimum care.

Types of Psychotherapy Online
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Emergency Psychiatrist

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Emergency Psychiatrist

Supportive Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Urgent Psychiatrist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Telepsychiatry Services

Clinical & Forensic services all over USA and Canada

"At Gaba Telepsychiatry Psychiatric medication is always prescribed with utmost care!"

Conditions Treated By Our Online Psychiatrist

Urgent Psychiatric Care Online

Many patients find it hard to get immediate access to a psychiatrist when most needed. Obtaining urgent psychiatric care online can help with immediate stabilizations, preventing time off work, immediate resolution of symptoms, and can sometimes can prevent hospitalization. Urgent psychiatric care can include acute treatment of insomnia, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and OCD.

Telepsychiatry Services

Clinical & Forensic services all over USA and Canada by our online psychiatrist

"At Gaba Telepsychiatry, our psychiatric medication is always prescribed with utmost care!"

However, it is not always an easy decision to take psychiatric medication & they should be always prescribed with the utmost care.

Additionally, longer visits, as well as careful follow-up and titration mean better symptom management.

More time is taken to ensure effective resolution of symptoms and to minimize or if possible ensure the absence of side effects

"Psychiatrist visits are made easy
with concierge features in a telepsychiatry setting"
Gayatri B, Forensics Co-ordinator for Dr. Reddy, the Online Psychiatrist

Gayatri B.

Forensics Co-ordinator

Natalia A, Forensics Co-ordinator for the Psychiatrist Online

Natalia A.

Forensics Co-ordinator

Lorraine C, Assistant Practice Manager for the Emergency Psychiatrist

Lorraine C.

Assistant Practice Manager

Urgent Psychiatrist of Gaba Telepsychiatry offers a collaborative approach to psychiatric care

The best treatment outcomes occur is when a patient feels that they have been listened to, their concerns have been addressed and when both the patient and online psychiatrist work together to achieve a treatment plan that both are comfortable with. Whether seeing an urgent psychiatrist online or in person there should be respect, communication, understanding and trust are vital components of a doctor/patient relationship.

Get the care you deserve

“Most patients have been suffering for years before their first appointment. The vast majority are on the wrong combination of medications, are still symptomatic, or experiencing side effects on the first visit. However, this is why psychiatric medication should always be prescribed with the utmost care”

Dr. Gundu Reddy

Our Forensic Services
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Parental Alienation
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Psychological Damage

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How does an online psychiatrist visit work?

Cloud Based Software for Psychiatrist Online
Cloud-based software means no downloads

All you need is a computer or mobile device and internet

We schedule a tech demo with a live clinical assistant.
You will see our online psychiatrist, on the big screen.
You will complete your clinical psychiatric interview.
You will receive your prescriptions.
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