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Urgent Psychiatric Care

Urgent Psychiatric Care Services at Gaba Telepsychiatry - An emergency psychiatrist will see you online for prescriptions, symptom stabilization, and follow up. Call +1(833)312-4222 for a same day psychiatrist appointment

Urgent psychiatric care includes the following services

  1. Psychiatric evaluation
  2. Ordering lab works
  3. Prescription refills
  4. Immediate symptom management
  5. Collaborating with family and other support services, if needed
  6. Liaising with your primary care doctor and urgent care services
  7. Nursing home consults
  8. Hospital discharge follow-up

Dr. Gundu Reddy is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with more than ten years of experience practicing forensic psychiatry and fifteen years of experience practicing clinical psychiatry.

Dr Gundu Reddy - Emergency / Online Psychiatrist
Medical School

-The United Medical Dental Schools of Guys Kings and St Thomas’ at King’s College London.

Psychiatry Residency Training

-Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training

-NYU Psychoanalytic Institute

Board Certification
-American Board of Psychiatry Neurology
Contact for full CV and references: Call +1(833)312-4222

Contact Board Certified Emergency Psychiatrist MBBS (MD) for Urgent Psychiatric Care

Dr. Gundu Reddy is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with fifteen years of experience practicing clinical psychiatry. She also has ten years of experience practicing forensic psychiatry. Moreover, Dr. Reddy has trained in medication management, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

To begin with, Dr. Reddy has a special interest in integrative psychiatry and believes that multiple factors should be considered when evaluating and treating a patient. That includes genetic and developmental factors, medical illness, nutrition, hormones, as well as environmental and dynamic factors.

Many individuals receive substandard care due to incomplete evaluation, and so obviously an integrative approach is needed to provide optimum clinical improvement. Furthermore, Dr. Reddy believes the decision to take psychiatric medication should not be taken lightly. Additionally, she thinks that psychiatric medication should be prescribed with utmost care. The goal of medication management is therefore to achieve maximum efficacy with minimum side effects. Hence, a gentle titration is required.

Psychiatric illness is treatable with urgent psychiatric care

Dr. Reddy, in fact, believes that in most cases, psychiatric illness is treatable. Because of this, many people can achieve significant improvement in symptoms, as well as social and occupational functioning, with high-quality and consistent care.

Her goal above all is to provide the best possible urgent psychiatric care to patients in a telepsychiatry or online psychiatry setting and achieve the same standards of care as if seeing the patient in person.

Please schedule online or call +1(833)312-4222 if you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reddy for emergency psychiatrist and urgent psychiatric care.

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Forensic Psychiatry Services: All of the US and Canada

"Prompt intervention can prevent deterioration of symptoms and psychiatric hospitalization"
  • Dr. Reddy graduated from Medical School at King’s College London. She completed Psychiatry residency training at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She has received certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Reddy continues to train in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the NYU Psychoanalytic Institute.
Work experience
  • Dr. Reddy has fifteen years of experience working in clinical psychiatry and ten years of experience working in forensic psychiatry. She has worked in Inpatient, Outpatient, Consultation liaison, and Emergency Psychiatry. She has supervised medical students and fellows from St Georges and NYU at Manhattan Psychiatric center. She has served on both the forensic committee as well as the ethics committee at Manhattan Psychiatric center.

  • Dr. Reddy is now practicing Forensic Psychiatry, Clinical Psychiatry, and Tele-psychiatry.

When may I need urgent psychiatric care?

You will certainly need urgent psychiatric care or consult an emergency psychiatrist if you are suffering from:
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, obsessions, and compulsions.
  • Insomnia, nightmares, narcolepsy.
  • Hallucinations, hearing voices.
  • Paranoid thoughts so much that you are not sure of what is real or unreal.
  • Severe depression, hopelessness, passive suicidal thoughts.
  • Postpartum depression, psychiatric complications of pregnancy.
  • Menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
  • Anger, rage, violent thoughts, and impulse control disorders.
  • Side effects to current psychiatric medications.
  • You must consult a psychiatrist for urgent psychiatric care services immediately, especially if symptoms get worse. Furthermore, it is equally important to opt for urgent psychiatric care if you think that these symptoms are interfering with your ability to take care of yourself or your children, perform well at work, or continue with your usual daily activities.
"Prompt intervention can prevent deterioration of symptoms and psychiatric hospitalization"
Patient receiving urgent psychiatric care

Where may I find an emergency psychiatrist?

For urgent psychiatric care, you may find an emergency psychiatrist:
  • At your local hospital emergency room
  • At your local urgent care clinic
  • Online, a Telemedicine Clinic
  • At a behavioral health walk-in clinic

What is the difference between an emergency psychiatrist and a regular psychiatrist?

An emergency psychiatrist, like a regular psychiatrist, is a medical doctor who is board-certified in psychiatry. However, an emergency psychiatrist is accustomed to managing psychiatric emergencies and acute situations.

What if I need a same-day psychiatrist appointment?

If you need to see a psychiatrist the same day for urgent psychiatric care services, you can call +1(833)312-4222 to book online. However, if you cannot book online, the front desk is open seven days a week between 9 am and 6 pm. After 6 pm, please leave a message with the answering service and someone will get back to you the next working day.

Why Gaba Telepsychiatry?
  • Thorough intake process.
  • Medical, hormonal, developmental, as well as environmental factors are considered.
  • We will liaise with family members and support services when needed.
  • The psychiatrist will listen and work with you for acute stabilization of symptoms.
  • Prescriptions can be sent online too.
  • Medications are adjusted to address side effects.
  • Prescriptions for lab work can be sent to your nearest clinic.
  • Prompt follow-up appointments when needed.
  • We work with the patient by offering urgent psychiatric care services to prevent hospitalization. This is possible only if the patient is not an immediate danger to themselves or others, is able to participate in outpatient care, and has adequate support.
  • Further, psychiatric evaluations and documentation can be provided for medical leave, request for accommodations, and return to work/school clearance.
  • Lastly, besides careful follow-up and treatment plan, we also provide medication titration and psychotherapy services in order to help achieve long-term recovery and resolution of symptoms.

FAQs about Urgent Psychiatric Care

If I need urgent psychiatric care, should I go to the hospital?

You may need to visit the hospital for urgent psychiatric care if :

  • You are having particularly serious or potentially life threatening complications to medication.
  • You are unable to care for yourself, get out of bed, log in to appointments, pick up your prescriptions, or lack adequate community support to assist you.
  • You are having violent or suicidal thoughts with plan or intent, and there is a genuine fear that you may actually act on them.
  • Additionally, you may need to see a psychiatrist frequently for stabilization and if outpatient care is not covered by your insurance.

Is insurance accepted for emergency psychiatrist appointments?

Currently, appointments are out of network for urgent psychiatric care. The fee is $400 for an initial consultation and $250 for a follow-up. Another key point is that as long as you have out-of-network benefits, we can send your claim forms to your insurance company for you.

Can an emergency psychiatrist prescribe controlled substances online?

Most states do not allow the prescribing of controlled substances online such as stimulants and benzodiazepines, unless you have seen the doctor in person while offering urgent psychiatric care services. There are now a variety of medications available for insomnia and anxiety. These medicines work immediately without delay. While being effective, they are also not addictive and do not cause any withdrawal symptoms.

A consult can be sent to your primary care doctor with a request to fill the prescription if it is clinically appropriate to prescribe controlled substances, and there is not a psychiatrist available in your area.


Contact for full CV and references: +1(833)312-4222

How does a telepsychiatry visit work?

Cloud Based Software for Psychiatrist Online
Cloud-based software means no downloads

All you need is a computer or mobile device and internet

We schedule a tech demo with a live clinical assistant
We send a link to your email
You click the link from your computer or phone​
You will see Dr. Reddy online for urgent psychiatric care
You will complete your clinical psychiatric interview​
Records are collected & evaluated​
Your evaluation will be completed​
You will receive your prescriptions
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